5 ways to make your clothing website appealing

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The advent of the Internet and social media has forever transformed the way apparel companies and brands promote and sell their products, making the corporate website the main showcase for every fashion business.

Below you have the opportunity to discover five ways to make your clothing site appealing so that you can better tell the story of your company or brand and increase online sales.

1. Use images that are professional and engaging, but not heavy

In recent years, Instagram and the thousands of brands and influencers who build their businesses around this platform have taught us one very important thing: photographs have the power to sell.

On social media as well as online, consumers have become accustomed to seeing detailed, high-quality photos. Gone are the days when you could post grainy, low-definition images on a clothing site; to use them today would risk precipitating the credibility of your business.

So, the images posted on your clothing site should be beautiful, high definition, but not heavy! Website loading speed is one of the criteria Google considers when deciding whether or not to show a website in search results, especially when viewed from mobile devices.

To publish small-sized yet high-definition photographs, upload them to your site in compressed PNG format, or even better using the newer WebP.

2. Describe each product

Every image on your clothing site should be accompanied by a description of the product depicted that serves both to give additional information and to entice the site visitor to purchase.

From a technical point of view, materials, finishes, fit, and sizes should definitely be mentioned, preferably accompanied by a handy chart.

But don’t limit yourself to a sterile list. The description is a weapon at your disposal to highlight not only the physical characteristics of a product, but also the attributes it is capable of conferring on those who buy and wear it on different occasions.

3. Pay attention to Banners

Banners play an important role within a clothing industry website: they are used to promote any offers and discounts, to get in touch with the company, or to collect “leads” (potential customers interested in the product) and thus expand one’s mailing list.

Nevertheless, banners should be used sparingly because they risk becoming an obstacle to site navigation. To prevent a banner from becoming counterproductive, stick to these simple rules:

  • Prefer small ones that open in the lower right corner and avoid full-page banners;
  • Always include a prominent button or “X” so that visitors can close them easily without getting annoyed;
  • Check that no two or more banners open at the same time or appear on every screen of your clothing site.

4. Do not neglect usability

In the field of the Internet, the term “usability” (from English “usability”) is used to define the ease and fluidity with which visitors are able to navigate and perform the desired actions on a website. This directly affects not only the user’s perception of the site, company and brand represented, but also sales.

To ensure smooth navigation for potential customers, it is important to make sure that pages display correctly on all devices (also helping with Google Search Console) and that all buttons are active and lead to the correct section.


Usability is also key during the checkout process: minimize the number of clicks a visitor must make on your website to make a purchase, simplify the design of the shopping cart page, and streamline the checkout process with quick payments such as PayPal, Apple Pay® and Google Pay™.

5. Create your clothing site around the customer

The last way to make your clothing site appealing is also the most important. Taking into consideration what has been written so far, it is crucial that your website reflects not only the characteristics and values of the brand or company, but also the tastes and interests of its customers.

From the design to the colors via the voice and language used in the texts, everything must be chosen to positively affect visitors and let them know that your product is made especially for each of them.

This aspect again highlights how important it is to study, choose and know your target audience well so as to create an offer tailored to their preferences. Not surprisingly, defining your niche is a key part of the process of creating an accurate business plan, such as the one you can get through Millionairejob.

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