Writing with artificial intelligence: how and for what to do it

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In recent months we hear a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) and how it is preparing to replace people to perform many tasks in a wide variety of fields.

In fact, at least for the time being, these online and free tools are not yet able to get by without a professional behind them, ready to guide and monitor their work. On the contrary, artificial intelligence is an invaluable aid to those running a business because it speeds up and facilitates the creation of text and images.

Below you will discover how to write with artificial intelligence and create engaging content for your business in a matter of seconds.


Tools for writing with artificial intelligence

By now the Internet is literally infested with tools that allow you to write with artificial intelligence: some free, some paid, some work well, some less well.

Among the best available on the market, it is impossible not to mention the one who started the whole phenomenon: ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a free online platform offered by OpenAI that is very easy to use and really effective. It looks like a simple chat (like WhatsApp) on which you can ask the program to execute commands. The more precise the commands you write, the better the quality of the result you will get.

Here you can write with artificial intelligence, sure, but you can also, and more importantly, get answers to questions, practice languages by chatting with the computer, and ask the site to create entire programming codes.

For writing content, there are some good alternatives: ClickUpCopy.ai and Writesonic are by far the best known and most popular. ChatGPT is the most comprehensive and versatile tool; the others specialize in project management, bid writing, and SEO content, respectively.


What you can write with artificial intelligence

In a nutshell: everything! Artificial intelligence can really create all kinds of content: from research on a specific topic to market research, from scripts for videos to be posted on YouTube to product descriptions to be posted on clothing e-commerce or Amazon.

Another advantage of the tools listed above is that they can generate texts in an immense variety of different languages both European and Asian.


Some expedients

Although it may seem that artificial intelligence can do everything by itself, this is not the case at all. The basis of his work is the commands, the so-called “prompts,” that is, the description that the person types in.

Well, it is very important that these commands are given as specifically as possible so that the creation process and the quality of the result can be controlled.

For example, if you have to write a research paper on the Roman Empire, you will also have to indicate the tone of voice you want to be used in the text, ask the artificial intelligence to include sources, etc. If you want to prepare the script for a video, you will need to indicate the length of the video, the possible presence of interruptions and images, and even the audience for which the content is created so that ChatGPT (or whoever) uses the most appropriate language.

Another aspect to consider is the length of the texts. When you start writing with artificial intelligence you often receive texts ranging in length from 500 to 700 words, never more.

In case you need a long article, for example, you need to get around this problem by breaking up the content. Initially, you can ask the tool to create an index for you and, once you get the one you want, to write content for each title and subtitle. In the end, it will be up to you to combine all these texts to form one big article.


The limitations of writing with AI

The tools we have discussed so far are all simple and free and, as a result, have some limitations.

First of all, the quality of text is generally very good for content created in English, whereas in other languages there are often grammatical errors or words out of context that need to be detected and resolved by a human.

Next, it is important to know that Google has already learned to recognize texts that are written by AI and not to show them in search results. This means that you cannot use artificial intelligence to write SEO content for immediate publication; you have to edit it and make it “human” for it to perform the function of bringing traffic to your website.


Writing with paid AI

The real revolution is the one brought to us by paid artificial intelligence tools that combine the possibilities offered by new digital technologies with the expertise of professionals in the field.

We think of AdCreative.ai, for example, a tool that allows you to create and carry out PPC advertising campaigns tailored to your brand, or to Millionairejob which uses artificial intelligence and the professionalism of its employees to develop professional and comprehensive business plans that enable you to launch your business in a matter of a few clicks.

We can safely say that writing with artificial intelligence makes our lives easier and speeds up many tasks. On its own, however, it is not enough: as with much else, you need a competent human behind it to make it work.

Writing with artificial intelligence: how and for what to do it 3

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