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Many people believe that starting their own business requires large amounts of capital to invest. Actually, this is not the case, or at least not anymore. Thanks to the Internet and modern technology, it is now possible to open a business with little money, investing one’s creativity, professionalism and time to achieve success even with limited resources. Here are some ways to do this.

Open a business with little money by offering your services online

Do you have specific professional knowledge? Are you a writer, translator, designer, teacher, or can you do any other profession online?

If the answer is “yes,” then the easiest way to open a business with little money is to become a freelancer or solopreneur and offer your services online.

Finding clients is relatively easy and, more importantly, free thanks to platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer where thousands of projects are posted every day by companies from all over the world.

Publish on Amazon

The second way to open a business with little money is to jump into the world of publishing and publish books online through print-on-demand services such as Amazon KDP that take care of the promotion, printing and shipping of your manuscript.

There are two variants of this business. The first consists of publishing actual fiction books, or teaching books; in this case, one sells one’s “story” or experience and knowledge of a particular field.

The second variant involves the creation and sale of so-called “low-content books,” that is, diaries, organizers or journals for which you have done the graphics.

Earning with a blog

Opening a business with little money is also possible for those who want to sell products-the important thing is to have someone to pitch them to!

The best way to build an audience interested in a particular industry or product is to start a blog and publish SEO-optimized articles so that they appear in the search results of Google and other search engines.

The investment is minimal: with about 100 euros per year you can buy hosting and domain and use WordPress (free tool) for graphic creation of the blog. If carried out with discipline following one’s business plan, as the months go by, the blog will grow, gain more and more views and turn into a sales tool and a source of revenue.

But how do you make money with a blog? Mainly, by advertising. You can place Google Adsense banner ads that pay you a fixed amount for every thousand views, or you can take advantage of the affiliate programs of companies found on platforms such as Travelpayouts, Impatc, TradeDoubler, etc. In this way, you can tell your readers about a product or service and receive a commission for every purchase that is made by users who arrive at the company’s site through the link placed on your blog.


Leveraging Social Networks

Much of what you just read about blogging also applies to social networking, especially Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. It is not necessary to be a famous influencer to successfully promote a company and its products or services.

In addition, social enables direct collaboration with brands to create sponsored content.

Be careful, however: opening a business with little money using only social is risky because your page remains the property of the network and, in case of problems, can be closed or blocked at any time.

Get help from AI

For the past year, everyone has been talking about AI and the new frontiers it can open for businesses in all sectors.

Although still an immature tool and (for the time being) unable to replace human labor, the artificial intelligence offered by some free platforms can be leveraged to speed up and make one’s work more productive.

Sites like ChatGPT, for example, can generate good quality content that can be used for books, blog articles and social media posts. The Midjourney program, on the other hand, is used to create high-quality photographs, images, and digital designs that are then used by entrepreneurs on social media, as well as for the creation of clothing, accessories, and customized items for production on print-on-demand platforms such as Printful and Printify.

These are just a few ideas on how to start a business with little money that have already led freelancers, entrepreneurs and content creators around the world to financial independence.

As you noted, the main thing is to start with one’s strengths, characteristics, and abilities and figure out how to turn them into gains using one of the strategies indicated.

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